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BCTF reps to ministry curriculum development teams

Feb 21, 2013 jjamison
BCTF reps to ministry curriculum development teams
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Sent: February 13, 2013 2:00 PM

MEMO TO:             Local Presidents, PSAC, PIAC, PD Chairs


COPIES TO:            Executive Committee


FROM:                     Susan Lambert


DATE:                     February 13, 2013


SUBJECT:              BCTF reps to ministry curriculum development teams


For the first time in several years, the Ministry of Education has invited the BCTF to appoint teachers to participate on curriculum development teams where our members will form the majority. The attached posting includes six learning areas from K–12 that will be reviewed in March and April of this year. This is clearly a positive and significant change in the attitude of the ministry toward the BCTF.


The teachers who serve on these curriculum teams must be aware of their role as representatives of their colleagues and of the responsibility that entails. While they will be experts in their fields, they must also be aware of the breadth and speed of proposed educational change. The BC Education Plan incorporates a wide area of changes that will affect the entire education system. As well, the teachers we appoint will need to understand the context in which educational changes are taking place. These include the loss of specialist teachers, assessment issues, privatization, poverty, the needs of Aboriginal  students, and a host of issues that make curriculum change more difficult today than in the past.


Please take the time to advertise these positions to teachers in your local or PSA.  A personal invitation is often the best way to recruit applicants and I ask you to consider approaching people individually.  We sincerely appreciate your assistance in recruiting members to apply to represent their colleagues in this very important role.






Susan Lambert


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