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The BC Vision of Education in the 21st Century

Mar 07, 2013 jjamison

The BC Vision of Education in the 21st Century

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This special report highlights a vision of education in the 21st century. As a result of our
research, we believe that our system must transform to properly serve the citizens of a
knowledge-based society. The PTC fully understands that the current education system is
both large and complex and that engineering the kind of transformation discussed will be a
significant challenge. The PTC has not chosen, however, to discuss the specifics of
implementation at this time. We have instead chosen to envision what a new system might look like were we able to begin with a blank slate. As there are no implementation steps
considered in this special report, it contains no recommendations.

In the development of this vision, the PTC conducted extensive independent research. It also consulted with industry, with academia, with representatives of teachers, school district
administrators and with the Ministry of Education. We would like to acknowledge and thank those who participated, in particular the public servants who continue to assist the PTC in its endeavours and who work hard to implement a vision of a knowledge-based society.

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