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Provincial Curriculum Development Teams Update

Mar 26, 2013 jjamison

SUBJECT:    Provincial Curriculum Development Teams

Curriculum change in BC is underway with the formation of Provincial Curriculum Development Teams that will be meeting in March and April. The teams are made up of K–10 teachers from Arts Education (music, visual arts, dance, and drama), English Language Arts, French as a First Language, French Immersion, Health & PE, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The BCTF received over 140 applications for approximately 60 team positions. Each curriculum team will have at least five BCTF representatives, drawn from the four grade groupings of K–2, 3–5, 6–7, and 8–10. BCTF representatives will make up the majority of the team members, joined by administrative and independent school representatives.

Curriculum areas that are missing from the list of curriculum development teams are Applied Skills and Career Education (e.g., HACE, Planning 10). We are still waiting to hear from the ministry about how and when these areas will be addressed.

The ministry has also formed a Standing Committee on Provincial Curriculum to provide communication with key stakeholders about the directions for BC’s new K–12 curricula. The committee is comprised of representatives from 10 stakeholder groups, with other stakeholders being brought in as the need arises. While other stakeholder groups select one representative to serve on this committee, the BCTF will be represented by four: Paula Aquino, Provincial Specialist Association Council; Dean Cunningham, Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee; Joanna Larson, BCTF Executive Committee; and Kim Rutherford, Professional Issues Advisory Committee.

The Ministry of Education appears to have a very ambitious plan for BC’s education system, with short timelines. The BCTF will continue to actively pursue representation for BC teachers in all areas of this program for education change.


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