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Apr 02, 2013 jjamison

A website has been started for new teachers by the Provincial Intermediate Teachers' Association (PITA) . The site is called SartUP.

The StartUP! community provides support and resources for early career teachers in British Columbia. Share B.C. curriculum focused resources, make connections, enter discussions and access advice from other teachers in British Columbia.


Boysmarts puts out a newsletter. April's edition has an article on Separation Anxiety.

How do we respond to boys who get stuck in powerful worry cycles that keep them away from school?
This month's newsletter explores some of the causes of anxiety, ways that it manifests, and ways that we can work with it.
To read the April Newsletter click HERE

SUBJECT:    Join the PSA of your choice—new online registration!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the online membership registration system for Provincial Specialist Associations (PSAs). You will now be able to easily and quickly join, renew, and purchase your PSA memberships on the BCTF website.

 Join a PSA today! PSA membership offers an opportunity for professional dialogue and support with colleagues from around BC.

 It’s this easy:

 The PSA online membership registration has been a lengthy and difficult project, and we thank the BCTF Information Technology staff for this important achievement.

 PSAs encourage you to renew or join soon, because April 15 is the deadline for PSA memberships to qualify for BCTF per capita grants.


Bridging the Digital Divide.

How is technology transforming education? See why Sir Ken Robinson says " Facilitating technology's transformation of education is the only right and proper thing to do. Watch the video.

Finding A Common Bond.

Both educators and students share a common goal of leveraging technology to boost innovation and spark creativity in the classroom. It’s imperative for educators at all levels to facilitate this transformation.

Take a look at the research and see how technology can change today’s educational environment. Sign up for the free Fostering Creative Genius eSeminar on April 11, 2013, at 10 a.m, PDT. You’ll learn how one school district achieved a nearly 99% daily attendance rate — and an 89% student retention rate — after creating an immersive, digital curriculum.

And get inspired by visiting the student showcase to see how they are using technology in classrooms to reach ambitious goals and bring ideas to life.


Greetings from The Critical Thinking Consortium!


What’s life like for young people in developing countries? How does their quality of life compare with your own? Students can investigate these and other questions with images from our Global Development picture sets. The clear and informative photos focus on variety of topics such as education, agriculture, health and nutrition and humanitarian aid. These sets, like others in the online TC² Source Docs collection, include suggested student tasks and teacher notes. The Global Development picture sets were assembled with the support of the Government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).


The April issue of The Thinking Teacher is now available online. This monthly compendium of ideas, strategies and resources to support critical thinking among K-12 students and staff is available to Individual Members and Partner organization employees who have registered on the TC² website.

Login and access your copy today!

SD#23 is a member district. There is no charge to SD#23 teachers to join. There is a wealth of resources available through their newsletters. Apply today and get started.

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