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COTA Summer Institute

Jun 10, 2015 jjamison


Theme: Share what works for you!


Kelowna Secondary School and other locations.
September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
8:30 am to 2:00 pm

Registration and the brochure will be out June 1st, 2015. Teachers should register by June 26th or their session may be cancelled.

The workshops are for teachers who are interested in a three-day workshop that focuses on one of the topics listed below.

All sessions are engaging; participants are involved in engaging activities: collaborative; participants are given time and space to co-create understanding: practical; participants are given time to design useful activities for their classroom practice.

The Sessions are:

Website Creation Made Easy: For Teachers and Students Al and Lois Aeckersberg
Theatre Bootcamp Ryan Grenier
Smartboard for Beginners / Advanced Smartboard Sue Ito
Simple Apps with Big Impact Bryn Coape-Arnold
Home Economics Orientation and Foodsafe for TTOCs  
Proactive Responding -What to do When... Gerry Mason
Meeting the Needs of Learners with Mindfulness Clay McLeod
Quality Assessment Monica Davidson and Barb Huva
Play Based Learning in the Early Years Karen Bernath, Lela Scranton, and Kim Ito
Advancing Differentiation: Thinking and Learning for the 21st Century Pam Samaddar
Visible Learning and PBL together Andrew Brown
Art-Building Visual Literacy Through Drawing and Painting Jim Elwood
Slices of Literacy Jasmeet Virk and Hilde Dietzel
Science LSA  
Digging into Math-reenergize yourself, rekindle your passion and rejuvenate your spirit! Sharon Foster
Maker Eduction Tobias Blaskovits
Differentiating Through The Daily Five Michelle Apps and Michelle Newman
Teaching from the Inside Out: How the Personal Helps the Professional Flourish Adrian Zuyderduyn
Exploring the New Curriculum Erika van Oyen
Primary Literacy "Make and Take" Vicki Den Ouden
L'apprentissage multidimentionnel Mickael Costa
Developing A Comprehensive and Responsive Literacy Program in your Grade 1-5 Classroom Lisa Wilson and Donna Kozak
Practical Applications and Implementation Framework For Teaching The Holocast Graeme Stacey
How to Make a Rockin'Science Fair Samuel Howell
Working Smarter Not Harder Ed Stuerle
Formation Delf a kelowna  
Virtual Field Trips Mark Hauk and Merle Ross
Practical Teaching Strategies to Engage Learners Dr. Joyce Tait
Successful Students and Sane Teachers-Build your Intermediate Year Melissa Abenante
Mindful Awareness Karma Yeshe Rabgye
Tablets for Teaching Genevieve Hawtree and Sean Duteil
Developing a comfort in delivering Aboriginal Education as a Non-Aboriginal Educator Tera Dabner
Educational Technology in Elementary Dtephanie Tobin
Moodle for Blended Instruction in Your Classroom Kari Daniels
Making it work: Planning, supporting and assessing critical thinking Usha James
Fashion and Sewing in High School-Keeping it Relevant Deb Trewhitt
Become a volleyball referee Hal Hennenfent
Students with Visual Impairments Dawn Bennie
Testing and Monitoring Athletes Aspire Health and Performance

Some sessions start on August 31st. Check brochure for dates and location.

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