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Will Richardson Webinar on "From Teaching Cultures to Learning Cultures". Free

Nov 28, 2017 jjamison


Do your students see you as teachers or administrators first? Or do they think of you as learners first and foremost?

I think the answer is pretty obvious. I’ve actually asked variations of that question to hundreds of kids from around the world. Honestly, most of them don’t know what I’m asking at first. That’s how far the thought of “teacher as learner” is from their experience.

When I follow up with “So, how does your teacher learn?” some will mumble something about professional development days or doctoral programs.

But most just shrug their shoulders.

I’m not relaying this to make educators feel bad. But I am making a point.

Kids see the adults in school as teachers, not learners. And today, that’s a problem. Because the people who will thrive in the modern world, one abundant with information and teachers and technologies, will be the learners.

Imagine what school would be like if everyone, adults and kids, were learners instead of teachers and students.

Seriously. Imagine it.

We have. And we’ve visited some schools where that culture of everyone as learner exists and flourishes. And it is powerful.

That’s one of the reasons we’re doing a free, interactive online workshop next week titled From Teaching Cultures to Learning Cultures: Six Steps to Shifting Our Focus in Schools. Because we want to help as many educators as we can create that culture in their own schools.

We’re holding two sessions on December 4, one at 2 pm Eastern (US) and the other at 8 pm Eastern (US).

So, here’s a chance to be a learner first. RSVP now and join a few hundred other educational leader/learners from around the world for an interactive hour that we know you’ll enjoy...and learn from.

See you there,


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