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Powerful learning opportunity about the legacy of Japanese Internment in BC

Jun 13, 2018 jjamison

The BCTF is proud to be financially supporting The Suitcase Project, which asks yonsei and gosei (fourth and fifth generation Japanese Canadians and Americans) what they would pack if uprooted from their homes at a moment’s notice, like their ancestors had in 1940s British Columbia during the internment. The project’s work is now a powerful exhibit at the Nikkei Centre in Burnaby, helping visitors understand how those descended from families who experienced discrimination remain affected by this history. 

The official opening of the exhibit at the Nikkei Centre in Burnaby is this weekend. More information about the opening and the exhibit itself is available here. Some good advance media on the exhibit has been published in several places, including these stories in Ricepaper and in the Vancouver Courier
The BCTF strongly supports the addition of historical wrongs being added to BC’s social studies curriculum in the intermediate grades, and this exhibit helps support students’, teachers’, and the public’s learning about an unfortunate part of BC history and its intergenerational impact. 

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