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COTA and the Westbank First Nations Indigenous Summit - August 28th, 29th, and 30th

Jul 16, 2018 jjamison

Hello Educators,

We have an opportunity this summer to strengthen our intercultural ties and learn more about our local Indigenous community. Chief Roxaane Lindley and the Westbank First Nations have graciously offered to help plan, facilitate and lead sessions to to help educators understand their customs, perspectives, local knowledge and how we might bring this into our classrooms. This is an opportunity to collaborate, learn, and share stories on how we can move forward with reconciliation and indigenizing the new curriculum.

To help facilitate our learning we have set up the summit over three days.

Day 1 - Kelowna Secondary School
8:30am to 2:30pm

Focus for the day is on What does Reconciliation look like in Education?

Keynotes: Ashley Callingbull and Cowboy SmithX
Reconciliation in Education -  Keynotes plus Dr. Bill Cohen, Dr. Greg Sterling, Lee Claremont, Darren Mckenzie, Jordan Coble, Jacob Pratt
Pannel - Westbank First Nations Elders and Knowledge Keepers
Circle Discussions on the how to of reconciliation
Blanket Exercise

Day 2 - Glenrosa Middle School (All sessions start here. A bus will take participants to cultural Areas)
8:30am to 2:30pm

Focus of the day is on how to Indigenize the Curriculum.

Demonstration - Hoop Dancing by Jacob Pratt
Elective Sessions - Educators choose a full day session or two half day sessions.
We have a large number of expert facilitators in a variety of sessions to help educators learn, discuss, collaborate on how to indigenize the curriculum through the facilitators area of expertise.

Day 3 - Westbank First Nations Beach
8:30am to 2:30 pm

This day is about building an active and healthy intercultural community to support each other’s on-going efforts to live Truth and Reconciliation in our classrooms. At the beach we will share our stories and truths to strengthen our understanding of each other, cross boundaries of awareness, and create new ways of thinking and doing in schools.

Water Ceremony led by Chief Roxanne Findley

Learning Experience Stations, Feast Gathering and Making Commitments. One of the activities available is the Paddle for Reconciliation. Sign up sheets for particular times will be at beach.

Community Salmon Feast  and Time for Reflection.

If you have an SD#23 email account you can sign up for the summit at

If you don't have an SD#23 email account, email

We have a number of additional electives for Wednesday, August 29th that are still in the planning stages.

I will keep you updated as the planning for this summit is ongoing.

Thank you,



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