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Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education

Sep 07, 2018 jjamison

Every teacher should take this course! The information and resources are excellent!


Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education 

Engage with Indigenous knowledge keepers, educational leaders, and resources to enhance your understanding of practices that advance reconciliation.

This course will help you envision how Indigenous histories, perspectives, world views, and approaches to learning can be made part of the work we do in classrooms, organizations, communities, and our everyday experiences in ways that are thoughtful and respectful. In this course, reconciliation emphasizes changing institutional structures, practices, and policies, as well as personal and professional ideologies to create environments that are committed to strengthening our relationships with Indigenous peoples.

Here is an Introductory Video by Ojibway judge, activist, Canadian Senator, and one of the Commissioners of the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Committee, Justice Murray Sinclair, situates the Truth and Reconciliation Commission within the history of residential schooling. He reminds educators of the residential school experience, why it should not be forgotten, and what is needed to help individuals learn from the experience and respectfully move forward from it.

What Is Reconciliation from TRC - CVR on Vimeo.

Here is another video from the course talking about the "perfect stranger" .

In this video, Lenape-Potawatomi scholar and educator, Dr. Susan Dion, defines the term ‘perfect stranger’ as it relates to teachers and how they construct their knowledge of Aboriginal/Indigenous people and understanding of Aboriginal/Indigenous histories and current issues. She explains how teachers can disrupt this positioning by thinking through the biography of their own relationship with Aboriginal/Indigenous people.

 Click on the watch on Vimeo.

Dr. Susan D. Dion - Introducing and disrupting the "perfect stranger" from marchiggins on Vimeo.

Learning Material

Canadian Teachers’ Federation and National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (2016). Truth and Reconciliation: What is it about?

This is a guide for teachers that helps them navigate more complex discussions around reconciliation. It includes student voices and art work.

The following excerpts are taken with permission from the full resource:
  1. Table of Contents
  2. Sample Question
  3. Sample Activity - Grades 5-8
  4. Sample Activity - Grades 9-12

At present, the full resource is only available for $3 (CAD) from the Canadian Federation Teacher’s Website:

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