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Stories of the Second World War to engage your class.

Nov 02, 2018 jjamison

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is pleased to present The Legacy Series, a collection of free teaching tools to engage your students in powerful stories of the Second World War during Remembrance Week, Nov. 3-11, 2018. 

This original documentary film series — created by Canadian film students in partnership with film professionals and the museum — showcases compelling, personal accounts of the Second World War, told through the lens of aviation. 

The Legacy Series includes:

  • Six episodes
  • Eight educational activity plans for Grades 10 to 12 (ON)  / Secondary Cycle 2 (QC)
  • Captivating stories of Canadian veterans — airmen and women who served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Air Force, Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, and the Polish Air Force — as well as European civilians
  • NEW for 2018! Two feature-length interviews from the series archives and one additional activity plan

The Legacy Series bridges the generational divide between veterans and youth, bringing the stories of our country’s history to life for today’s students. Share these stories of sacrifice and courage with your students to commemorate Remembrance Week.

Download your free, curriculum-based educational activity plans today! 

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