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COTA Zonal Professional Development Day Conference

Jan 07, 2019 jjamison


Zonal Professional Development Day Conference – February 22, 2019

This year it was decided that the Health and Wellness Symposium and the Zonal Conference would run together under the title of Zonal Professional Development Day Conference and Wellness Symposium. This joint conference has opened up more choice for Participants. There are 79 sessions and 3 keynote speakers. Participants may attend any session in the three options.

Option A: Indigenous Education
Option B: Health and Wellness
Option C: Curricular Focus

The Health and Wellness Symposium will be mainly located at Rutland Middle School and the Zonal Conference at Rutland Secondary School.
The day starts at 8:30am and runs until 2:45pm.  Coffee and a light snack will be available in the morning and a lunch at 12:15pm. Bring your own coffee cup and water bottle to help reduce waste.

To register for sessions, please go to
Click on COTA, VTA, RTA Teacher’s Admission, select 1 and then click on Check out. Fill out the registration information (Please use your school district email address). Click on Complete Registration. The conference web site will open. Scroll down to the Schedule. Click on the sessions that you are interested in (mouse over to view the description of session). You will only be able to select one in each time slot. Once you click on one a check mark appears, you are registered in that session. You can uncheck it to be removed from there. After you selected your sessions, click on Saved to My Sched (located on the bottom left hand side of page). Your schedule will open. A copy of your schedule will be sent to you as well.  You can print off your schedule by clicking on the print button.

You can access your schedule any time by logging in to sched. I will add the room numbers to sessions a week before the conference. This would be a good time to print off your schedule or email it to yourself to access on your phone. Bring your schedule with you.

We look forward to your participation in this event.

Sincerely yours,

on behalf of the planning committee

Joe Jamison
Professional Development Chairperson
Central Okanagan Teachers’ Association


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