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Self Directed Professional Development

Feb 11, 2019 jjamison

Personal Pro-D

Self Directed Professional Development Plan

Purpose of the Self-Directed Professional Development Plan (PDP) Planning Document:

This form recognizes the teacher's request for an optional activity on a professional development day.  This form provides information to the COTA Professional Development Chair, the School Principal and your professional development representative regarding your fulfillment of the Professional Development Day

The self-directed form is located on You must be logged in to to use this form. Once logged in, place your cursor over Professional Development and click on Personal Pro-D (Self Directed). Follow the directions and submit as indicated.

The form must be completed by midnight February 12th, 2019.

You do not need to fill out this form if you are attending the Zonal Professional Day Conference and Health and Wellness Symposium

Some notes to help fill out the self directed form:

  1. Review the guidelines and Pro-D Lens
  2. Click on February Self Directed Activity (No in lieu days permitted) - you must take part in professional development on this day. If you are sick or away - You must follow the school district's procedure for an absence. If you are on a leave already, you are not required to participate in pro-d on this day. If you are a TTOC, you are not required to participate (there is no cost for you to participate in the conference).
  3. Fill in your name and school
  4. Click on the subject area
  5. Fill in the Title and Activity - Please enter enough information that we know what it is that you are doing for your professional development day. The space is not limited. You can be very detailed. You are expected to put in at least five hours of pro-d for the day. You must not do your pro-d at home!
    Collaborative pro-d is highly desirable. Enter where you are doing the activity and who you are collaborating with (if you are collaborating). What are your goals for the day? How will this help your practice? How does this fit into your Professional Development Plan for the year?
  6. Enter your Principal's name and email address
  7. Enter your Pro-D Rep's name and email address
  8. If you do not want to share this plan with other teachers, unclick the Yes, I'd like to share my PDP with fellow teachers on the MyCOTA portal
  9. Click on the Submit and Save button
  10. You will receive the following note -

Personal Pro-D: Submission Successful

Success! Your Self-Directed PDP has been saved and submitted.

Check the My Personal Pro-D page for status updates and to print a copy for your records.






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