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May 13, 2019 jjamison

What would a celebration be without presents? Every month we’ll have new specials for resources designed to get you started and enrich your classroom.

Check out our new special offers for May, along with our continuing offers.

Teaching Historical Thinking (Revised and expanded edition)

Introduce students to six interrelated concepts central to their ability to think critically about history using clear explanations of each concept, teaching suggestions for applying them throughout the curriculum, and an extended teaching example. As a special promotion, TC² is offering this print resource for just $29.95—that’s 25% off the regular price of $39.95. (Note that Member and Partner discounts cannot be used with this promotion.)

Grades 4-12

Snapshots in Time:
Significant Events in Canadian History Set 1

Use the 50 visual timeline cards as a game, learning tool, learning resource, or assessment strategy to help your students investigate well-known historical events that are commonly included in grades 4-12 curricula across Canada. TC² is pleased to offer this valuable resource for just $21.95 per set (down from the regular price of $23.95). In addition, Partners and Members may apply an extra 20% discount.

This set is also available in French: Clichés d'histoire

Grades 4-12

The Competencies Toolkit is a collection of more than 70 ready-to-use lessons designed to nurture students’ ability to think, communicate, and act. TC² is pleased to offer this valuable resource for just $50 during our anniversary celebration (reduced from the regular price of $140).

Primary (K-3) | Intermediate (4-6) | Middle (7-9) | Senior (10-12)

Individual Membership

If you are not in a Partner Group, consider purchasing an individual membership with TC². During our anniversary celebration, TC² is happy to offer one-year individual memberships for 25% off the regular fee of $40 (use coupon code member25). Membership gives you a 20 percent discount on print and online resources as well as free access to protected online resources, including helpful articles, lesson plans, videos, and photos.

TC²’s Math Lead Teacher Certification Program

To develop a rich understanding of the diverse role of critical thinking in math classrooms, consider enrolling in TC²’s Math Lead Teacher Certification Program. You can choose from a flexible menu of face-to-face and online sessions. As a special promotion, we are offering one-year individual TC² memberships (worth $40) to any participants who sign up during our anniversary celebration.



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