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May 14, 2019 jjamison

We are celebrating 25 years of The Critical Thinking Consortium!

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As a special promotion, TC² is offering this print resource for just $29.95—that’s 25% off the regular price of $39.95. (Note that Member and Partner discounts cannot be used with this promotion.)

As part of our 25th anniversary celebration, TC² is pleased to offer this valuable resource for just $21.95 per set (down from the regular price of $23.95). In addition, Partners and Members may apply an extra 20% discount.
Pour célébrer son 25e anniversaire, TC² est fier d’offrir cette ressource à 21,95 $ par trousse (prix normal de
23,95 $). Les partenaires et les membres pourront aussi bénéficier d’un rabais supplémentaire de 20 %.




National Indigenous Peoples Day | June 21, 2019

Starting now, we all have an opportunity to show leadership, courage, and conviction in helping heal the wounds of the past as we make a path towards a more just, more fair, and more loving country.
Justice Murray Sinclair

National Indigenous Peoples Day provides the perfect opportunity for deepening understanding of Indigenous peoples and supporting reconciliation. TC² invites educators and students to consider how they might renew their efforts to acknowledge and appreciate the important perspectives and histories of Indigenous peoples and communities.
For this edition of The Thinking Teacher, TC² is offering the following resources as a starting point for using critical inquiry to explore reconciliation.
Listening and learning from Elders[PDF]

Grade range: Intermediate | Middle | Senior

Use this Tools for Thought lesson to invite students to use a strategy before, during, and after listening to learn with an open mind and heart, and to take responsibility for making sense of learning when listening to an Elder.

Available in French: Écouter les aînés et apprendre d’eux [PDF]

What Can I Contribute to Meaningful Reconciliation?[Web resource and PDF]

Grade range: Intermediate | Middle | Senior

Developed in collaboration with Grand Erie District School Board, Six Nations of the Grand River’s Education Department, and the Mississaugas of New Credit, this resource supports educators and learners in using a critical-inquiry approach to develop deep understandings of some of the complex, challenging, and painful events that have affected the relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Selecting actions to strengthen relationships [PDF]

Grade range: Intermediate | Middle | Senior

Use this Tools for Thought lesson to invite students to identify and develop actions that will strengthen relationships and contribute to reconciliation among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Available in French: Choisir des actions pour renforcer des relations [PDF]


Image courtesy Government of Canada


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