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Jun 17, 2019 jjamison

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, with Jeff and Sonya Thomlinson C-IAYT, E-RYT500

Accredited Yoga Alliance Certification

July 8-12, July 22-28, August 12-16.  Intensive  format, with some afternoons, and evenings off, mostly weekends off.   9 to 11.5 hours per day.  Typically an 8am start, to 6pm, some nights from 7-9 pm.

Special pricing for SD 23 employees- $1800 + gst  (50% off typical tuition! for a certified yoga teacher training)

To be held in the KSS dance studio, and a classroom nearby for the breakout lecture time.  Some time outside, weather permitting.  Parking.  Food, amenities nearby. 

Attendees participation is 180 contact hours (Yoga Alliance Requirement). The remainder of the 200- Hour certification is non-contact, homework.

The course includes:

·      Standard yoga training programming, with personal development as a foundation; using collaborative, relevant, contemporary practices- creating a career enhancing, long term benefit

 ·      Tailored PHE based curriculum tools to support teachers, staff, etc.

 ·      Define opportunities to deliver content to users (students, parents, marginalized), using curriculum goals and  rationale

·      Suggestions for grants, etc.

 ·      Introduction of Take a Breath, our in school program which we have offered in the Okanagan for the past 5 years.  It includes a deep dive in to BRAVE (our methodology acronym), and how it is applied in the classroom.

 ·      AND this program certifies you as a public teacher.  You may work in a yoga studio, open your own!, lead a public class, lots of opportunities.  Many of our graduates (over 600 to date), work in the field and are very respected.  Our training is held in high regard in the yoga community.

  Who is this training for? 

          Teachers, staff, administrators, CEA's, everyone!  We invite those at all levels and abilities.  If you have a restriction, or injury, or just that you have always felt, "I can't do yoga" for some are in!  We welcome all who are interested.  The diversity adds to the ability to ultimately support those who you may need to facilitate in the future.

As we say, 'You cannot take someone somewhere you haven't been".

 Why take this training? 

           We need you!  It is tough out there, as those involved in education can affirm.  First and foremost, you need the best tool kit for self-care.  You need to show up to serve those students as best you can.  Secondly, we need to pass along those tools to the students.  To be able to understand their state of being, and respond in a present, mindful manner, and advise them as to best practices for optimal performance, and physical and mental wellness.  All things you will embody!

 To register or for more information, visit SD 23 YTT

Jeffrey D. Thomlinson (Harshad), C-IAYT, E-RYT500
Health and Wellness Educator
Mindful Restoration/Take a Breath, Co-Founder
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