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Blood Donation Update - Please help!

Nov 21, 2019 jjamison

To: Kelowna Partners for Life


Thank you for your continued support. Please print the attached poster and please share out to your teams to encourage final donations in 2019.  To check your results as of November 20th see attached report.



To check how your team is doing anytime copy and paste or click on the link below to take you to the updated sheets.



Remember to encourage your team members to register once to have all their donations count towards your pledge. Family and friends anywhere in Canada can also sign up to join your team.

Click on link to register:

Use your PARTNER ID (see attached PFL report to find your ID)


PARTNER PLDEGE RENEWAL TIME: (please let me know by the end of December)

It is renewal time, in the next few weeks if you can please let me know what you would like to set as your pledge for 2020! I will update the information and send you a renewal email.



Kelowna Donation Centre @ 1865 Dilworth Drive

Open weekly Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 11-6 pm

Every 2nd Saturday from 9-4 pm (December 7th & 21st and January 4th)


West Kelowna Donation Event at Lakeview Heights Baptist Church (94 open appointments)

2630 Alhambra Drive

Monday, January 13th


Some of our Eligibility Tools:


Please do the eligibility quiz before you donate:

More on Eligibility:

Travel in the last year outside of Canada or the USA:

More questions: 1 888 2 DONATE


Here are some quick tips for your donation:

1.       Be well hydrated (approx. 2 L day before and 1 L day of)

2.       Be generally feeling good

3.       Eat before you donate

4.       Bring government issued ID



Giving Tuesday is December 3rd – this is a great time to donate or book your team in for their next group donation. Giving your team a reason to give back is sometimes all that it takes! Book your team in by emailing with your preferred dates, times and how many appointments and we will do our best to accommodate you. Ask about our Lifebus Shuttle and sign up to have our team pick up your team – great teambuilding activity!


Print the attached poster for office in high traffic areas.  Make Saving a Life Your Greatest Gift!  Between today and first week of January we have over 1200 open appointments. 

We have gift tags to share with you and your teams that we can make available to your teams – and you can ask for these and give them to anyone this holiday season letting them know you donated for them.


We are open every week Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 11-6 pm and every 2nd Saturday from 9-4 pm. (December 7th & 21st and January 4th)

Holiday hours for December 24th are 9:00-4:00 pm; December 31st from 10:00-4:00 pm and January 1st from 11:00 – 6:00 PM!

Starting December 12th  to December 24th we will be drawing for a prizes in our donation centres so be sure to enter the 12 Days of GIVING in refreshments)



January is our HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY BLOOD DRIVE. A mailout will arrive to our hospitality partners early December and anyone booking in their team before January 1st is eligible for a pizza party the day of their donation.  The Hospitality Drive includes hotels, restaurants, tourism agencies, ski hills, wineries and tour companies to roll up their sleeves individually and as a team. Remember to ask about our Lifebus Shuttle to bring your teams to and from the donation centre.



February is HOCKEY MONTH and we will be working with our National Partner Hockey Gives Blood, Local Hockey Team (all levels and leagues) to book their teams in during February. We will have our Adopt a Day in February for Hockey Month – we work with some of our partners to adopt a day and they tag another business to do the same. This has been a great opportunity in the past to bring in new companies and donors to save lives.



Kick off 2020 with a Lunch N’ Learn – learn about donation updates for eligibility, request an information table before your next blood drive – we can help answer questions and provide more opportunities for your team to be involved, ask for posters for your new employee packages, ask us to participate in your events. Learn more about adopting a day and other ways to make the partnership more inclusive!


Many have you have seen in the news the recent announcements for Kelowna to be one of three proof of concept sites for a new Plasma Centre in Spring/Summer 2021. I am happy to schedule a presentation anytime in the new year to bring your team up to date. Other communities include Sudbury for Spring 2020 and Lethbridge for Fall 2020. It is an exciting opportunity for our area and I look forward to scheduling a presentation for you team to share with you this update. We will also have regular updates to the Plasma Centres at: and if you have any questions please ask.


It is my pleasure to work with all of you – we can not do this alone and I appreciate the community support that you and your teams provide.  Wishing you all the very best for the holiday season and look forward to many great opportunities to work with you in 2020.


Please let me know how best to support your team! If you have companies you work with that you can encourage to join us and save lives – please connect me and I will take care of them.


Kind Regards,

Gayle Voyer

Territory Manager 
Canadian Blood Services

C 250 979-8053
Download GiveBlood App
Clinic locations, hours
Call 1-888-2-DONATE


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