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Jan 31, 2020 jjamison

January 29, 2020

Teaching students to self-regulate
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A De-escalation Exercise for Upset Students

A simple technique that takes just a few minutes can help an agitated student regain the state of mind needed for learning.


Reading aloud continues to help students into the tween years.
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Why Reading Aloud to Middle School Students Works

The benefits of reading aloud aren't limited to elementary students. One middle school teacher explains how "read-alongs" improve comprehension and boost engagement.


Students may feel safe opening up to their peers.
Credit: George Lucas Educational Foundation

Students Tackle Life's Challenges Together

Facing stress and frustrations from school, parents, and relationships, students turn to peer counselors for help.


Problems that lead to deep conversations about math
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Getting to the Heart of What Students Know in Math

Challenging problems with several paths to the solution encourage students to develop their understanding of mathematical concepts.


This program benefited educators of color too.
Credit: Leigh Wells / Ikon Images

Reflections on Becoming More Culturally Responsive

Participants in a program on culturally responsive teaching practices share what they've learned about themselves—and how their teaching has changed as a result.


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