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Self-Directed Professional Development Guidelines

Feb 14, 2020 jjamison


Planning Document Guidelines


The Self Directed Pro-D Activity planning initiative “recognizes that teachers' Professional Development requirements are diverse and that individuals or small groups of teachers can use their time wisely to meet their own needs.  Professional Developmentis a teacher directed initiative intended to improve the quality of education.  It consists of a variety of activities which may include studying professional literature or materials, taking courses, participating in research, engaging in collegial group activities, and attending conferences.  Professional Development is not marking, classroom setup, lesson planning or participating in personal endeavours.”


Teachers may elect to create a Self-Directed Professional Development Plan for the current or next school year.  It is important to note that the summer days can be replaced with days in- lieu during non-instructional time throughout the school year.  The October and February days are mandatory days of work

In-lieu days are not an option for the October and February Professional Development Days.

For both instances, the Self-Directed Professional Development Planning Document must be completed by the teacher and acknowledged by the school Pro-D Rep and Principal.


The Self-Directed Professional Development Plan shall be:

  • completed, and submitted to your Pro-D Rep and  Principal for acknowledgement for summer days in lieu by June 30th, or as soon as possible in the new school year when  teachers are assigned to a school after June 30th.


  • completed 10 days prior to the October and February Professional Development Days.


filed at the school level and sent to the COTA Professional Development Chair or completed on and emailed to Principal and school Pro-D Rep.


The parties recognize that a collegial atmosphere of support and trust is necessary for the success of the Self-Directed Professional Development Plan.

All full-time teachers will be held accountable for fulfilling all five (5) Professional Development Days.

Part-time teachers are held accountable for fulfilling a pro-rated number of Professional Development Days. One Pro-d day of a self-directed activity or activities should be equivalent to an instructional day.

Failure to indicate and undertake one of the above options may cost Special Circumstance Leave day(s) (ie. the cost of a TOC – see article G.30 in the Collective Agreement).


PLEASE NOTE the following for summer days only:

Teachers currently on leave and teachers hired after the summer pro-d days will have the option to be considered for a Professional Development Plan beginning at a date mutually agreed to by the teacher and the principal. 


Changes to the Professional Development Plan Document may be made at any time through mutual agreement between the teacher and the principal.  A Professional Development Plan cannot, however, be extended beyond June 30th of the applicable school year.  Credit for completion of Professional Development Plan activities cannot be extended from one school year to another.


  •  Professional Development Activities for days in lieu for the summer requirements can be completed during non-instructional time throughout the school year (September 1st to June 30th). 
  • The October and February days are mandatory days of work. Teachers are expected to be at their school or an approved site that facilitates their pro-d activitiy. Example, if a number of teachers are collaborating together from diffent schools, they would meet at one school and notify their principal where they will be for that day.
  • If a teacher is sick on a pro-d day, they would apply for a sick day. They would not be required to make up this pro-d day. It would count as one of their sick days.





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