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COTA Professional Development in SD#23

Feb 25, 2020 jjamison

Professional Development in SD#23

5 days of professional development – called non –Instructional days in the district calendar. Three days in the week before school starts, one day in October (Provincial PSA Day), and one day in February (Friday before Family day).

Summer Pro-D can be in-lieu days

October and February – must be held on the pd days – no in-lieu. Use own school, attend COTA Conference or inform principal where you will be. All self-directed applications are acknowledged by Principal and Pro-D Rep (10 days in advance).  No need for a self-directed pro-d application if attending the COTA Conference. All other Conferences or activities the attendee must fill out the self-directed pro-d application.

Professional Development Funding:


Section F, Article F.20

3. The employer shall place $195.00 per full-time equivalent employee and the Union shall place $35.00 per full-time equivalent employee into the Professional Development Fund.

a. The Employer shall place an additional $5000.00 in this fund for the purpose of professional development for teachers teaching on call.

5. The Pro-D Fund is administered by the Joint Pro-D committee

6. Each school staff shall elect a Professional Development Committee.

                a. The Committee will be chaired by a teaching employee.

                b. The principal shall be an ex-officio member of the Committee.

The Joint Professional Development Committee has approved that the $195.00 FTE be directed to the schools and placed in a school fund managed by the local pro-d committee. Each school develops their own pro-d policy and this policy must be approved each year.

COTA collects $3.50/month per FTE member for the purpose of Professional Development as per the collective agreement. COTA also collects $20.00 per FTE from the $195.00 that each member receives for Professional Development. This fee was established in the early 2000’s when we went to the three day summer pro-d. The money was to offset the cost of providing professional development during those three days. A motion was passed at an Annual General Meeting to deduct the $20.00 from each FTE Teacher (The self-directed pro-d option came into effect at the same time).

The $3.50/month or 35.00 per year each FTE member pays into the COTA via their fees, is used to help offset the October and February Professional Development Day Conferences, Local Specialist Association Grants, Teacher Inquiry Program, and other Professional Development activities that take place in a year.

The Teacher Teaching on Call fund is managed by the COTA and provided on a first come first served basis.

I will explain COTA Professional Development Policies in the next report.

Thank you,


Professional Development Chairperson




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