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Please Donate Blood

May 19, 2020 jjamison

Dear COTA:

I hope you are managing during this challenging time. I wanted to reach out to our partners so you know updates on how to keep your teams donating! We have had a good response from the public so far but we are seeing an opportunity to encourage our partners to come back and join us individually or in small groups of 6 or less.

Here is some information for you to share with the team.

Please book your next appointment

Kelowna Donation Centre at 1865 Dilworth Drive

Every Tuesday from 11-6 pm

Every Wednesday from 11-6 pm

Every Thursday from 11-6 pm

Every 2nd Saturday from 9-4 pm


For all other donation events please visit


How can I help:

  • Virtual presentation for your team
  • Posters and materials for your office
  • Set up your next social distancing blood drive!


Book individually at or GiveBlood APP or 1 888 2DONATE. We have implemented new safety requirements for COVID-19 in all of our Donor Centres. Visit the link to learn more.


For groups of 1-6 people, please book at


We are asking that all donors have appointments so we make sure we can maintain social distancing in our Donation Centres.


Be sure to register your donation once so your COTA gets credit. You only need to register once and all your donations are counted. Here is the link:

COTA ID#CENT002283 To date we have 0 donations registered to your goal of 25 donations. (this can mean some people are donating but have not registered yet)

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