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Anne Davies - How Will We Close the Gap (Free Webinar)

Jun 19, 2020 jjamison

We are all going to be on the “Road to Recovery Learning” come next year. Next year will be about rebuilding community, student engagement, identifying and then helping students close any learning gaps.

Teachers and leaders have been asking us:

  • How do we plan for student learning when school begins again? Where do we even start?
  • What will set us up for success no matter the context?
  • Given the realities of this year, how do I identify the gap in my students’ learning?

There is lots of uncertainty about what the next school year might look like – blended, hybrid, face-to-face, online, remote, distance.

Uncertainty creates questions. And, if we aren’t careful, our quick responses may lead to more testing, more student disengagement and teachers being less informed than they need to be.

Join this 30-minute FREE web conference presentation with Anne Davies, PhD, Sandra Herbst, and Brenda Augusta as we share some of the ideas we know will work for you and your colleagues...regardless of what lies ahead.

We will focus on:

  • Building community through instruction
  • Collecting authentic baseline evidence
  • Planning for success

Register now so you won’t miss out on practical strategies that can get you on the road to recovery learning!

Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Time: 1:00 pm EST – 1:30 pm EST Web Conference 10:00am PT

Register NOW

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