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The Ripple Effect of Resiliency…and the 4 Blankets.

Jun 19, 2020 jjamison

Way’ educators,

I wanted to make sure you have all seen this amazing opportunity to get online with Monique, please circulate this poster to your contacts who might be interested…(Kelly Terbasket)

With so much going on, to say I hope you are well can sound a bit odd, but I do send you warm thoughts and a blanket of tenderness and as much ease as possible.

The Pandemic has provided me the opportunity to be home and to have time to record videos and build an on line course. The Ripple Effect of Resiliency: An Indigenous Perspective is about to launch on June 21st. The course is built around the book, The Ripple Effect of Resiliency…and the 4 Blankets.

There are 6 modules and follow up pieces for individuals to work on after each module, to continue deepening the learning. The course can also be used by school teams or the entire district and done in book club format, where there is discussion time after each module. The course is good for an entire year and I’ve had Districts buy it now, on sale at $100/each participant, plus larger discounts for bigger groups…and the Districts will begin using the course in the Fall, but accessing the discount now.

Below is the link where I share about what’s in the course and it will give you a sense of the way it’s been designed, to educate both hearts and minds.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with me.

With love and respect,


Monique Gray Smith


Grateful to live, work, write, play, and raise my family on WSÁNEC territory. 



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