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REST Virtual Retreat - Read further to see how you could have your registration fee covered

Jul 18, 2020 jjamison

Please click on the link below for more information and to register. To win a chance at having your registration covered, email me at by 4:00pm July 21 the answer to the trivia question from the June 26th COTA Connection. If there are more than one correct response,there will be a draw for the ticket from correct responses. The winner will receive a code to enter when applying for the retreat. The winner will also have their name published in my July 27th Pro-D Articles. 

Thank you and good luck!


R.E.S.T. Virtual Retreat

Resilience Empowered Stress Techniques

An Introductory Mindful Rest Yoga and Meditation Virtual Retreat designed to support Stress Reduction and Enhance Well Being

$99 (+gst)

with Sonya & Jeff Thomlinson and Christine McGregor

We all experience some level of chronic stress in our daily lives. However, during an unprecedented time such as this, many are experiencing new levels of stress. What we may experience initially as acute stress, could, if not brought into balance, turn into long term stress known as PTSD.

Symptoms of stress that is out of balance can affect many aspects of our daily life, such as, sleep, appetite, relationships, impaired ability to concentrate, anger and heightened anxiety.

This 6-hour virtual retreat could be completed over a weekend, or really anytime that works for you! It is designed to offer you simple, yet powerful tools to support mental, emotional and physical well being.


What to Expect:

Each module is 2 hours in length and includes strategies and techniques through mini workshops to build your resilience in times of stress as well as foundational practices of Mindful Rest Yoga and Yoga Nidra.


Mini Workshops

Six 15 Minute Experiences:

The Power of the Breath - to shift out of a stress response into a relaxation response.

Communication Tools - to cultivate authenticity, understanding, connection and conflict resolution

What is Yoga Nidra - a sleep based practice of meditative self-inquiry.

The Hero’s Journey - how to move from chaos to integration. A guide to being fully in the present moment.

Intentions - how to to cultivate a conscious direction of attention towards where we want to grow and develop in our lives.


Yoga Experiences:

Three 45 Minute Experiences including:

FreeBack Yoga - a simple practice to build stability, core awareness and correct postural alignment

Restorative Yoga - using props and longer holding of passive postures, restorative yoga is an oppotunity to slow down, tune in and relax.


Mindful Rest Yoga Nidra:

Three 30 Minute Experiences:

In Yoga Nidra, deep relaxation is systematic, there is a conscious release of physical and mental tension. Allowing the body to rest in this receptive state, allows the body's innate ability to induce healing to spontaneously and effortlessly occur.

Imagine what your body could do if it could replenish and revitalize opportunity to ask questions, share and/or discuss your practice experience

Your Retreat Hosts

Jeff and Sonya Thomlinson are both E-RYT 500 certified teachers, certified Yoga Therapists and together co-founded Tandava Yoga studios (formerly called Trinity Yoga) in Kelowna and Vernon B.C. in 2003. They have directed 200, 300 and 500 Hour Yoga and Meditation Trainings since 2004.

Christine McGregor  RTC RYT has been a counsellor for almost a decade and is a Mindful Restoration yoga & meditation teacher. Christine is a mother of six children, and currently has 4 teenagers at home. She brings the gift of a three fold, integrative, practice working with individuals & groups holistically through the body, mind & spirit.


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