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Dr. Jody Carrington - Events and New Book

Oct 27, 2020 jjamison

HELLO Amazing Human!

I just wanted to reach out as we are so excited to work with you and wanted to let you know about some things we have coming up.  
1 - First things first, Jody is almost done writing book #2 with Laurie McIntosh that will be titled Teacher's These Days which we are SO excited about.  We would LOVE to offer you a discount on her current book Kids These days for any large orders.  If you order over 10 books use the code BOOK22 and you will get the book for $22 instead of $25 from our shop.
2 - Secondly we have an amazing virtual event coming up on January 30 all about creating a community.  This event is for parents, teachers, first responders, anyone who has a relationship (so everyone).  We have early bird tickets available until October 31 for 20% off regular price through the link below.  Also if you have a group over 20 please touch base with Dale Rosehill and she can get you a group rate (
It will be an amazing day where you will hear from Jody, Jesse Thistle, Laurie McIntosh, George Couros, Shelley Moore & Jessica & Ronnie Olstad.  You will laugh, probably cry and most of all be inspired.
3 - Third and final thing.  Jody has 2 amazing online courses available.  One for educators and one for first responders.  If you need more Jody time or want to inspire your staff you can find them here:
Thank you so much for reading and working with us, your support means the world to us.  HAVE THE BEST DAY!
Marti Piller

Director of Operations | Dr. Jody Carrington Consulting Inc.

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