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5 reasons this is the BEST PD for you and your colleagues

Nov 26, 2020 jjamison


It’s more important than ever to support leaders and teachers. 

The C2L Academy – created by connect2learning – has exactly what you need. Here are FIVE reasons why our PD is a game changer for you and your team.

  1. C2L Academy is Canadian. When you buy from us, you support a 100% owned Canadian company.
  2. C2L Academy delivers practical ideas that give teachers more time to teach because students learn to self-monitor and be more independent.
  3. C2L Academy helps teachers figure out what needs to be taught and what DOESN’T, so your team can stop losing time on the things you don’t need to be doing.
  4. C2L Academy’s classroom footage provides an important opportunity to watch other teachers in action (in other words, you’ll see how it works instead of just hearing about it...aka you’ll have powerful models to follow).
  5. C2L Academy gives you ways to ensure your evidence of learning is reliable, current and valid. This will help you become more focused, efficient, plus, free up more of your time (so you can actually have a life)
  6. Interested in our 12 Quick Fixes Course? Learn more here.

    Best wishes,

    Anne and the connect2learning team

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