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Summer Pro-D


Theme: The World Through a Different Lens - Year 2

Option 1 - Indigenous Summit

Option 2 - Mindfulness

Option 3 - Adrienne Gear

Option 4 - Curriculum Focus

Option 1 - Indigenous Summit

 August 27th, 28th, and 29th

August 27th - Keynote Speakers

August 28th - Workshops

August 290th - Workshops

COTA has partnered with the Westbank First Nations to support educators to bring in local indigenous knowledge, perspectives and teachings into their classrooms.

Registration is for the three days. Groups from schools are encouraged. Future inquiry opportunities on indigenizing the curriculum will be offered to these groups

Chief Roxanne Lindley - Westbank First Nations
Fernanda Alexander -
Westbank First Nations
Jordan Coble - Westbank First Nations
Howie Wright - Okanagan Nation Alliance Fisheries
Lee Claremont - Mohawk/Irish Contemporary Artist
Darren McKenzie - Cree/Metis Artist


  • COTA  Members $35.00/day
  • SD#23 TTOCs will be covered by TTOC fund
  • CUPE SD#23 $55.00/day
  • Student Teachers $35.00/day
  • Out of District Teachers $90.00/day


If you are interested in presenting at the next COTA Professional Development Day, please go to Call for Presenters (now accepting applications for our August 2019 Pro-d Conference) and fill out the application form.


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