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Summer Pro-D


Theme: Rethinking, Retooling, and Beyond

We are looking for teachers who are interested in sharing their practice as they navigate the new curriculum. Share how you are rethinking the curriculum and how it works in your classroom. Share the resources that you find useful. How are you accessing the competencies and communicating student learning? How are you retooling your practice to prepare students for the 21st Century?

Special Guests

Karma Lama Yeshe - August 27th, 28th, and 29th

August 27th - Workshops

August 28th - Workshops

August 29th - Workshops

Times & Location
Workshops:  08:30am to 10:45am
Lunch:            10:45am to 11:45am
Workshops:  11:45am to   2:00pm

Location: TBA


  • COTA  Members $35.00/day
  • SD#23 TTOCs will be covered by TTOC fund
  • CUPE SD#23 $55.00/day
  • Student Teachers $35.00/day
  • Administration and Out of District Teachers $90.00/day


If you are interested in presenting at the next COTA Professional Development Day, please go to Call for Presenters (now accepting applications for our August 2019 Pro-d Conference) and fill out the application form. Our deadline for August is May 7th, 2019.


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