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The Central Okanagan Teachers' Association (COTA) , is a member of the British Columbia Teachers' Federation (BCTF) - Local 23. The COTA acts on behalf of its members in the public education system.


What is myCOTA?


myCOTA is a public and a secure area (members only) on the internet for COTA members.

In the last few years, many members have asked for a secure member only portal, more use of electronic tools, opportunities for interaction and discussion in a non-public forum, and reduced paper use. MyCOTA is a major step forward in achieving those objectives.

Members can login to the portal and access content targeted to members for bargaining and professional development, access webinars, workshops, events, and participate in online discussion forums, access self directed PD and collaborate with other teachers.

MyCOTA is divided into two areas, a public area and a member’s only area. COTA members need to register for an account to access the member’s portal. The public can click on Pro-D to access or view a variety of the pro-d offerings, webinars, workshops, etc... that makes up a part of the overall professional development that COTA members participate in throughout the year.



BCTF member cards

The BCTF is offering members a card if they apply for one on the BCTF portal. Login and then click on the BCTF Member Card Request Form. Review the information and update if necessary. Click on submit and a card will be sent to your home address.

Over the decades, the BCTF has had membership cards or certificates. This card is being issued to commemorate the BCTF’s 100th anniversary.

The card will serve as a quick reminder of your BCTF ID number that will allow you access to the BCTF portal. It may be used at some retail outlets where discounts are provided to teachers.


May 16, 2019

NDP MLAs need to hear from you

On May 14, the BC Public School Employers’Association (BCPSEA) tabled another set of proposals that seek to weaken class size, eliminate the specific ratios for specialist teachers, and delete class composition entirely from our collective agreements.

These proposals target everything we won back when the Supreme Court of Canada restored our collective agreement. Our restored language on class size, support levels for children with special needs, and staffing ratios for specialists has delivered several thousand new teachers for BC. That means more students are getting more support.

Our restored collective agreement language is the reason there is increased funding for our schools and students. We need to protect and enhance those gains, not roll them back.

But that is exactly what BCPSEA is trying to do. Their proposals would mean a huge step back for teachers and students. We need to get this information to BC NDP MLAs so that they know what the employers’ association is trying to do in their government’s name. Use this simple form to send an email to your NDP MLA or the Premier today. It only takes two minutes.

This government has a chance to make up for years of bad faith bargaining and underfunding by addressing the teacher shortage and working with us to improve class size and composition.

The BCTF Bargaining Team needs your help. Email your NDP MLA or the Premier today and ask them to tell BCPSEA to stop bargaining like Christy Clark is still the Premier.